Fictitious redesign of a website

Studies – Bachelor of Arts

Together with Florian Kiefer I designed a fictional redesign of the website for Gerhard Richter and realized the site with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We wanted his artworks to be in the center stage of his site and also that the site design does not distract from the artwork.


The “Art” subpage, on which the categories are displayed in tiles.

Präsi9 scaled 1

The navigation on the smartphone.

Präsi7 scaled 1

Landing page and post pages on smartphone.


The landing page of the site. The background image, art by Gerhard Richter, changes at fixed intervals. Whenever the background image is clicked, the visitor is taken to a sub-page dedicated to the artwork.

Präsi6 scaled 1

The site we designed is fully responsive and optimized for all screen sizes.

Präsi10 scaled 1

The website on the tablet.

Präsi8 scaled 1

The responsive layout on the smartphone.