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Here you can find my previous work in the field of media design.
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psh-con Design
Even before my studies, I worked on the website of my father’s company ( I took this opportunity...
Algorithm and Music
Sakuya Miesczalok, Antonia Aschenbrenner and I created an algorithm that we used to analyze different...
Together with Benedikt Hörmannsdorfer and Florian Kiefer I founded a virtual start-up company.
Music video
Together with Florian Kiefer and Antonia Aschenbrenner animated and edited a music video with old comic...
Together with Florian Kiefer I have a fictional redesign of the website conceived and designed for Gerhard...
Magazine analysis
We were given the task of analyzing a design magazine of our choice. I decided to buy a copy of Monopol...
Visual analysis of a residential complex
This is one of my most extensive works, in which I was able to use different areas of design.
Studio shots for a fictional advertising poster
I created an advertising poster using self-made studio shots of an orange, an orange juice and a Fanta...
Font Analysis: Fira Sans and FF Meta
Together with Florian Kiefer , I designed and wrote a book that uses the fonts Fira Sans and FF Meta...
Photo series: Mood
I developed a series of photos with the working title tidy, messy.
The Overdrawer
For the “Free Drawing” module, we should “Draw Over” a photograph of ourselves.
Music visualization
Our task was to visualize the song “Hurt” by Johnny Cash. I had a long-exposure photo taken of me and...
Sign for Bauhaus master
We had the task of creating a sign for any master on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the art...